Top 5 trending domains of the future?

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1. Data Engineering

Companies of all sizes have huge amounts of disparate data to comb through to answer critical business questions. Data engineering is designed to support the process, making it possible for consumers of data, such as analysts, data scientists, and executives to reliably, quickly, and securely inspect all of the data available. Data engineering lays the foundation for real-world data science applications. Data engineering requires a broad set of skills ranging from programming to database design and system architecture.

Data engineers use technologies such as ETL(Extract Transform Load), SQL, Python, Spark and Hadoop, HDFS, and Amazon S3.

2. Cloud Engineering

As companies worldwide have shifted away from using onsite data centers and server rooms, cloud computing platforms have been in high demand. Companies need highly skilled engineers to manage their use of the cloud, including application development, resource allocation and maintenance, and effective use of the features offered by the industry’s primary cloud services — Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

Cloud engineers must refine specific cloud computing skills in order to be successful in their roles. These skills are software development and database administration to change management, data security, cloud computing, including computation, data structure, and system architecture.

3. Cyber Security

Cyber Security also known as information technology security or electronic information security, is the procedure of securing servers, computers, mobile devices, networks, data, and electronic systems, from malicious attacks. With the increase in cybercrimes day by day, this career is in great demand. This is a demanding yet very rewarding career. The challenges in cybersecurity are growing and evolving every day, therefore skilled cybersecurity professionals are needed in large numbers all over the world.

Here are a few key skills required for jobs in Cybersecurity:

4. AI & ML

In recent years, self-driving vehicles, digital assistants, robotic factory staff, and smart cities have proven that intelligent machines are possible. AI has transformed most industry sectors like retail, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, and media and continues to invade new territories. Connected AI systems will enable ML algorithms to “continuously learn,” based on newly emerging information on the internet.

A few of the vital competencies needed to be considered by professionals, aspirants in the field of AI/ML are –

5. IOT

As the adoption of the Internet of Things, technologies increases across the consumer, enterprise, and industrial sectors. The future of IoT is billions of cheap, small, low-powered devices that provide real-time insights into every asset, process, and system that’s important to a given organization. It’s invisible, ubiquitous, and primarily driven by notifications.

Top in-demand IOT skills to master are:

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Computer Science student at VIT Bhopal. ~ My native hometown is Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh. ~ Coding Enthusiast. ~ C++ || HTML || CSS || JS || Python

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Sharad Jha

Sharad Jha

Computer Science student at VIT Bhopal. ~ My native hometown is Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh. ~ Coding Enthusiast. ~ C++ || HTML || CSS || JS || Python

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